About a Boy

About a Boy from Neia Scraps, is a brightly colored jam packed digital scrapbooking kit about those boys in our life! Be it the wild child, the gamer, the sports start, the 100% boy, the Epic, the dude, and the little man. But don’t let that full you. This collection versatile and is packed full of elements to scrap anyone you desire!

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A Taste of Summer

Fire up the grill!! It is time for a backyard bash, a family picnic, and a barbecue!!
It is Summertime, and the living is easy….and tasty!!
A Taste of Summer from Designs by Neia Scraps is brimming with yummy summery treats.
Just like the beautifully drawn girl in this kit, take a big sweet bite out of Summer…and make sure to scrap it!
You’ll find all you need to scrap those food and family moments.
All kinds of yummy treats, bright colors, beautiful flowers & more.

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Each day is special in its own way, and deserved to be scrapped. That is the essence of Everyday from Designs by Neia Scraps. A versatile collection that you can keep coming back to scrap those daily memories, and more! You’ll fine subtly colored papers that are beautifully patterned, bright pops of colors from the lovely flowers, and themed and non-themed elements alike.

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